Who are we?

Sybil is a ladies fashion boutique in Blackrock, Co. Louth in Ireland offering a unique shopping experience, we specialize in assisting women of all ages and sizes to find their signature style. Our collections are chosen for their attention to design, quality and sustainability. Our philosophy is lifestyle driven, stylishness as oppose to trends and sustainability over disposable fashion always offering real value for money.

How do I get in get contact?

If you have any queries contact us at: 

E-mail: aineaftersybil@gmail.com

 Mob: 087 207 7193

  Tel: 042 9366561

( During covid restrictions please contact mobile number)

Why you sell the items you sell?

We have a beautiful and wide collection of clothes and complimentary accessories including jewellery, silk scarfs, handbags and shoes. We bring together the best of Irish and European designers to collectively address the different aspects of any busy contemporary woman's life including Day Wear, Work Wear, Special Occassion Wear, Going-Out and Formal Wear.